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We aim to be affordable and flexible

Pay as you go

Unlimited Training

Students have the choice to pay for each class individually or a  monthly unlimited Training option.  Unlimited means you can train in as many of our classes as you want at any venue.

License FEe

£30 annual fee to license with the JKA England. This makes you eligible for JKA registered gradings, competitions and courses. Click on the button to join.

Karate Dogi

Speak to the club instructor to discuss the best options for your Dogi.


Our gradings are examined by JKA qualified examiners 3 times a year. Grading fees include a pre course, grading and belt.

Free Trial

Try out your first session for free. Click on the button to book your free session.

Frequently asked questions

The Unlimited-fixed option offers more than a 50% discount for students.  This is possible because it requires a 12 month commitment.  If you want slightly less discount but no annual commitment then the Unlimited-flexi is the plan for you.  

You can change from pay as you go to monthly payments whenever you wish.  You can also change from Flexi to fixed monthly payments.

If you decide to leave the club your payments will cease.

No.  Dogis can be as cheap as £12.  Speak to your instructor for advice.

There are no hidden costs.

You must have a valid license and permission from your instructor.